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Making the move, a few worries...


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First of all hello all... :-)


My family and I will be making the move over to Perth from April onwards next year, naturally we have loads of worries but 2 in particular that we require a little advice on if possible.


Firstly are we right in thinking that a holiday rental for a few month's is the best way to go? If so what have people's experiences been with finding a rental? We know this depends on where we end up which at the mo we aint decided.


Secondly how does the schooling system work, my daughter would be going to pre-school and after researching schools the majority seem to have waiting lists? Again what have peoples experiences been with getting little'ens into school?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :-)

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People seem to take a holiday let for about 4 weeks and generally find a rental in that time. If you live in the catchment area of a public school then generally you get in, there may be a short wait if class sizes are full for Kindy. You will need proof of address for most schools.



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Hi phantasm, welcome to PP! We are planning on going over during April too. The general tried and tested method is of renting on first arrival at a holiday rental or BB for a month whilst you check out areas. Then you find a longer time rental.


Not sure about school for little ones, best thing to do would be to search the threads. For general info you may like to look at my thread which asks loads of questions and has fab answers from those in the know.


It is .... http://www.perthpoms.com/forum/welcome-perth/12705-planning-move-many-questions-help.html


Good luck.

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Hi Phantasm, we're another March/April mover too, there seems to be a few of us about :cute:


We plan on moving a week or two before Easter so that we can have a bit of a holiday and hopefully find somewhere to rent before my son starts school after the Easter holidays (he'll be going in to year one). We visited WA earlier this year and all of the schools (public schools) I spoke to said we'd be guaranteed a place, but as Ali says, you need proof of address in the catchment area. Don't know much about private schools, I think they are more likely to have waiting lists. There's been some really good threads on here lately from recent arrivals in Perth to give you an idea about finding rentals etc. Lucky for us we're going to stay with my Dad until we find somewhere to rent, so that's one major stress that we don't have to deal with :smile:



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Guy's, thank you for replying so soon. WOW it seem's there are alot of us moving over next year but it is very re-assuring to be able to follow everyone's experiences as they happen.


I have only been following this forum for a few day's now but i must say that there are heaps of helpful and informative threads and everyone seems so helpful in replying and providing advice on differnat matters.:biggrin:

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