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VISA GRANT!!!!-Perth Poms Help during Visa Journey


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Hello Everyone


This morning we got the good news that our 189 has been granted just two weeks before our flights which I booked seven months ago!!!


I wanted to say a huge thanks to the informative, supportive and detailed members of this forum which have been a great benefit to my family. Perth poms has been the number one reason I have been able to get the visa without and agent. I know this has speeded up our journey compared to others at key times which has meant we have made our flight times.


As well as the information and support Perth poms members openness and frankness has helped us feel we have made the correct decision in emigrating to OZ, ie finding like minded people as well as just sunnier climate!


I don't think the granting of our visa is the end of our time on here (although we have only needed to post a little we have used this resource at least weekly and usually several times a day at times) instead it is the closing of a long and tricky journey so far and the start of the next stage of settling in getting friends, lifestyle and jobs sorted and keeping the big adventure alive and kicking for all my family.


From Andrew, Jayne, Dillon and Jessica

A big thanks to all the forum members and contributors

Hope to catch you at a sunny BBQ sometime soon!

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Thanks Ali

I know exactly what you mean, taking things like Perth Poms for granted is all to easy but its been a bit like Wikipedia for OZ emigration for us almost any question someone else has already been there.

Thanks everyone



Good luck


and enjoy the adventure,you are right about pp it's a very friendly and helpful bunch of whinging poms :wink:

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