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Cats advice needed!!

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Happy Friday everyone!:cute:


I need some advice from those who have rented in Perth with pets. We are due to fly out in January and have a 14 week rental sorted (phew) but I am having a bit of a panic about finding a place to rent with cats long term. :arghh:


We have two house cats and although we had no issues accommodating them in a holiday rental I have heard some horror stories regarding the competitive rental market and now I am in a panic.. Especially as the cats flights are booked.


We would love to bring our beloved mogs... Can anyone offer any advice or experiences in terms of renting with cats?


Thanks everyone



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Hi Lizzi,


I can't answer your question but would be interested to hear what people have to say as I have the same concern. We are hoping to move next June with one indoor cat.


Could you tell me what holiday let company you are using? I was also concerned that would be hard with a cat, so very glad to hear you got something :-)

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we used oz house rentals, they were excellent and I had other responses privately saying they were happy to take the cats. These are holiday lets but I'm still worried!!


i have heard the rental market is not as bad these days so it may be ok. It wouldn't be possible to leave them they are part of the family! So hard

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Guest guest10912

The thing that scared me most before I moved was the idea of not being able to find anywhere decent to rent with my two cats.


The reality was nothing like that so please do not worry. We had no issues whatsoever, yes none WHATSOEVER, I cannot emphasis that enough.


Don't look for rentals ads that say "pets welcome" you will find very few of those because landlords just don't specify. You will see some adverts that say "no pets" in which case just avoid those but it is probably only 5-10% of the total (I am talking about houses here, apartments are less likely to take pets).

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I agree mostly with Rupert,

We brought our house cat over last year. Most rentals will state nothing about animals and as long as you pay a pet bond, most landlords will accept your animal. The biggest issues they worry about are fleas and fly screens getting clawed but these are very cheap to repair when you leave your property. 14 weeks holiday rent is plenty as the rental market has slowed down now thankfully.

When we came last year, there wear 10 - 20 applications per property but now its 1 or 2.

Make sure you bring over any rental references from UK and/or a brochure from your estate agent showing how you keep your home


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