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Plumbing tools


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Hi all,

so in the next two weeks I give up work as a plumbing/heating engineer . As it gives me a few weeks to pack the last few things ready for shipping.

With my plumbing tools what should I bring over ?

Benders / gas gun ,hand tools ,drills etc.

also should these be cleaned .

Also I was told by mpa skills to come back to them when I arrive to enrol for plumbing courses' is there any one around who is a plumber wanting to do the same around 1st 2nd week in January would want to meet up for a chat and if doing the same course always handy to know some one their.

I will be hopefully finding a rental around apple cross so any one up for a few beers at clancy's at some point let me know.

look forward to hearing from you

many thanks


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