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Any tips on what's worth taking/buying before going. Plus what's worth leaving behind


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Hi Chris,


I had a big clear out and the mother in law was very keen to get rid of everything 'cant you buy that in Oz?' was the standard question. Suffice to say despite supplying Oxfam with a lot of new stock we still rammed a 40ft container with our own personal brand of junk!


If I had had a German car (VW, BMW, Audi) I would have brought it with us. Sadly (but sensibly) we left the 11 year old Focus!


We brought our metal car trailer - what a money pit! Money to register to import, space on the container (money), money to get it's own registration, money to decontaminate - despite being pressure washed, money to buy a permit to move, nightmare! It also got damaged in the move as well! So no trailers in my opinion.


This may have sounded like a moan but not intended - as on the whole, if the Trailer fiasco was the worst thing to go wrong, I'm OK with that.


The rest of our stuff was great, it arrived and felt like Christmas.


I am still missing other stuff I got rid of, but I am a bit of a hoarder.


I hope this helps.

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