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any suggestions for shipping over a small amount of belongings back to the uk

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Yeah I need to do this as well, from Perth to Scotland and was looking at Move Cube. Type that into Google and you get their website plus a lot of comments on the service. It is still several hundred dollars even for a small amount and the delievry times vary depending on how much you want to spend. I am actually thinking now that it is better to take the stuff back as excess baggage on my return next trip because that appears to work out less and it is instant. Anyway have a read and there is a quote system on the site.

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Hi, how did you go? Did you use Move Cube? How much did you ship back and how much did it cost you? We're looking at shipping a few things back but we may just decide to upscale the amount we ship back if there's not much difference in cost between shipping a few personal items by Move Cube / excess baggage or sharing container space. Any advice, much appreciated. Thank you :-)

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