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Need to secure an employer to sponsor me as a structural engineer


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New to the whole visa and employment issues, but have decided we want to give Australia a try!! As a structural engineer (residential & commercial) with 13 yrs experience, I need to find an employer willing to sponsor me.


A couple of issues though:


How likely is it, I will be able to find an employer to do this.

when to apply for a visa & which one is most suited.


I know there's a 457, 189 & 190, but it all seems a bit chicken & egg. Ie do you need the job offer first?



any ideas or insights would be welcome!! Thanks

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Three visas you have mentioned are all very different.

The 189 is regarded as the better as it is independent so no restrictions. Your occupation would need to be on the SOL list.

The 190 is very good and is state sponsored so you would need to check if the state is sponsoring your occupation. This can be applied for if your occupation is only on the CSOL list.

Neither of these require a job offer usually.


The 457 is a company sponsored visa and so does require a job offer. However, it is a temp visa and comes with a number of restrictions. Most notably it is tied to the employer, so you can not just change jobs. If you lose your job, you have 90 days to find a company willing and able to take over the sponsorship or leave the country.


My advice would be to speak to a registered migration agent to get an assessment of what is best for you.

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I agree, my only other suggestion is after talking to a migration agent and you go down the 189 visa option (we did), then you don't have to use a migration agent. We did it ourselves (I"m a chemical engineer), and found it pretty straightforward, which saved a fair amount of money.


Once you have Visa, then do sign up with agencies here in Australia. I did and secured a job before I arrived. That was really lucky I appreciate, but you can do it. The local agencies I found understood the market far better than you could by trying to apply directly to companies, and they had the ability to get your foot in the door, even if you werent in the country.


Hope things go well.



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Thanks guys. We were coming to the conclusion that we need to be applying for the visa first and then waiting until the demand picks up. Regarding the 190 state sponsored, can you nominate more than one state to maximise your chances? Plus if you are given this visa type is that valid for 5 yrs too? I'm 5 puts short of the 60 pts so either need to take the ielts or get state sponsored. My occupation is on the SOl & several states nomination lists. Just wondering if at 55pts with a state nomination would you be likely to be selected on the basis that selection then gives you the additional pts?!

Finally would you recommend Perth!





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No, you can only elect one state.


Most people need to take ILETS.


I can recommend Perth as a place to live. But I don't know a lot about your industry. It is a very laid back lifestyle and very centered on family and things. Lots are into sports, especially water sports.


I would research job opportunities for your sector.


I think it is worth speaking to a migration agent. Go Matilda are highly recommended.

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Ok. Perth seems to be hiring more Structural Engineers looking on seek. Do you still have a time period to take up the visa and get yourself out to Australia?

I know others have said a visa is valid for 5 years, is that the same for the state sponsored one too?


Perth sounds great for us as a family, but just want to be sure we are picking the right area. At the moment we live on the edge of the New Forest, so want to move somewhere that is still a bit rural (but not in the hills). Would we be able to live in a 'village type' location and still commute to work in Perth?


Thanks for your help.


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Once a visa is granted you must activate it within 12 months of uploading the medicals or police checks. Which ever is the sooner. You then have 5 years. However, I would not recommend waiting that long as even if you want to leave for a holiday after five years you would need a Resident return visa.


Yes, there are a number of semi rural areas commutable to Perth. One that springs to mind is Pinjarrar or even Dwellingup.

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