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Ex uk forces who have made the move.


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Hey mate,

I think that there are plenty of ex-forces over here to be honest. I am an Ex Royal Engineer and I know that there are a good few of us Sappers kicking around, and more keep popping up out of the woodwork - its a small world really. As for making friends and working away its home from home as far as I can see. I work on FIFO rosters and its no different really. Just a LOT less beer and camaradarie... Its hot, sandy and the canteen food can look a bit suspicious - ring any bells? (At least they aren't serving cheese possessed or screech....YET!!) But I think that its just somewhere to get your head down while you are away. Its totally worth it for the life we (Me, Missus and 2 kids) have found now in Perth.

I am pretty sure that with a forces background (Which on BTW, if you are ex-RAF then its even better as you STILL dont have to do any PT! :P) then you will settle in and get networking pretty quick!



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Hi I am interested if there are many ex uk forces people on here who have made the move to perth and how they found it with their past experiences of getting sent away and having to make friends on a regular basis.


Did this his all help?

Yes, to be totally honest, made leaving family a lot easier for me, than the wife, then again, my family will say I have no emotions. Ex Army maritime.

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Thanks guys. It's reassuring that what I have been telling the misses( it's just like a 4 year posting to Cyprus) that we are used to being away from family who evidently we don't really keep touch with or see. The missis is very keen on the move and the main applicant. I too am ex-Raf so the lack of PT requirement is good. FIFO has interested me but the misses is not keen wanting to do away with the being away lifestyle. I'm currently at university hoping to have my MEng in Mechanical engineering by the time we go and the misses is an emergency/critical care nurse. We don't think we will be home sick as mentioned above we probably only see immediate a family to exchange Xmas presents.


Just need to get these dredded IELTS scores.



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ex-RAF too but my stint was short (4 years), and a long time ago though I do remember the hotels and detachment pay though I do try to forget the motel in Seattle. What were they thinking, a motel for goodness sake! They didn't even have a hot breakfast!


I'm not sure it does make the move any easier after all the forces provides much of the support, development and security a family does and its breaking away from that mechanism that can have the greatest adverse affect.

We are all individuals though and will all manage it differently.

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