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Any other single parents on the migration route?

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The school was fairly easy to sort. I contacted them prior to arriving then popped in and got the enrolment forms and she was in within a few days. They just needed to see a copy of passport and visa.

It's good you know people, I didn't know anyone so it was quite daunting.

The time will fly by and before you know it you ll be here n we ll be organising a meetup for a well deserved drink.

My advise ... Start organising now lol. I think I dilly dallied n at the end was running around like a headless chicken. X

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That will be me! I always leave things until the last minute ? lol

a drink sounds good! You will be able to tell me all of your inside information by then ?x

fingers crossed for the next stage in the journey for both of us ?x

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Hi there @elliew76


yes I mean you need to get the visa granted before he becomes non dependant and you have a valid visa for 5 years (I'm sure it's 5years - as long as you activate it in time)


just think- you apply for visa and your kid is 16 you go and activate it but don't migrate for 3 years your kid is then 19 - it doesn't matter they have the visa to migrate.


You can focus on getting the visa and then sort your registration out- just make sure you get visa granted while he is under 18 or still dependant


keep us posted on your top up success




Thanks @wee_me :)

I didn't realise that! I thought that we only had until he turns 18 to get out there, otherwise him being on my visa would be invalid? But you mean as long as I get my visa for the 3 of us we can still move out there even if he has turned 18? Is that right? 

Ive got my positive Anmac and have applied for Ahpra already, didn't realise things had changed with them until I'd already sent it off :( hoping my specialist nursing post reg modules will swing it but not hopeful :/

i applied for the visa in August, just waiting for my co and then will do my PCC and Meds.

If it wasn't for this ahpra issue I would be almost there!

Glasgow have replied saying they will be in touch and I will

look at Robert Gordon's too. I didn't think to look in Scotland thanks for the tip! X

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