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young family looking to relocate :)


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HI Everyone


I really just wanted to introduce myself - My husband & I are considering applying for immigration to WA, Perth. my brother and his family moved out there is October last year and are having a ball love it and say they have no intention of ever wanting to return to Bonnie Scotland! I am 27 and i work as a PA in a hospital (i have a medical terminology qualification) my husband is 36 also works in the hospital and he deals with IT Security ETC we have two girls 6 & 2 yrs old.


Our initial thoughts on moving abroad was to immigrate to Calgary where i also have family but the sunshine and the fact my brother is in Perth calls on my everyday! My sister in law has advised me to apply for permanent residency and find a job when i get there (not what they done as she had a job before they moved accross) right now we have no savings but we are both on good salaries so saving isnt an issue really we have just never done it and went nice holidays etc!


Ok so im blabbing on a bit i just wanted to put my situation out there - I am i think going to wait for the skilled lists of jobs to come out in March 1st although i did see Medical Adminsitration and a few IT positions on the list just now. I just dont know where to start with it all!! any ideas??? shove me in the right driection anyone? lol!


feeling hopeless & clueless!


Ainsley xx

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I agree with the above you should run your case past a registered migration agent.


Medical administrator is a schedule 2 occupation on WA SOL, therefore requires a job offer to be able to get nomination from WA. Also you require a bachelors degree to be able to get a positive skills assessment as a Medical Administrator.


You would need to look further in to if your partner could get a positive skills assessment and which states are sponsoring.


You would be looking at around £6k for your visas without using an agent. Thats without the cost of moving, visas require to be validated within 12 months of medicals or police checks.

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