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Guest lynne

Plumbers beware

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Well said Greg these people clearly haven't heard of FIFO (Fit in or F*ck off) lol:eek:


maybe its long overdue UK had same attitude to Aussies who come here ? at present when your welcomed as a plumber you can work as plumber . Aussie government bunch of con men . They lie bascially hold seminars pleading for UK tradesmen to come to Aus, take lots of money, assess our trade and offer visa. Only until you arrive in aus you find that Canbera and imigration department and TRA have NO authority to welcome and invite any tradesmen because local aus authorites see a window to make more money of British families who have already paid a fortune for visas, medicals, police clearances, and a mountain of trade documents. Aus land of conmen and your immigration program one almighty government run scam... your not a welcoming people at all. Reality is there are quality tradesmen in both countrys. Its Aussies who have this superior attitude not the brits ... Yep give aussies a taste of their own medicine and screw them in the UK or piss off back to your 1970s plumbing systems

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Why does one need a degree to run a business ? It's not like everyone with a degree know how to run one. You know what, I get why you are frustrated and you have all the right to be too..

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