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Welding Jobs


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Hi everyone :cool:


Just looking for some general information on what the welding trade is like in Perth?

My husband is a welder and I'm just trying to work out finances etc to see if it's even viable for us to begin the long and expensive process for moving.


Any light shed would be great & very helpful!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi mrsm,


my my hubby is too a welder :) although our visa is a 489 so we have to work regional for 12 months so as for welders in perth I'm not so sure but a friend that lives out there seems to been keen that my husband should find work when we arrive as he too is in the trade.


There are a lot of fly in fly out options for welders also but then that means them being away for anything from 2 weeks to 4 weeks at a time, the money is good can expect up to $120,000 dollars a year and sometimes more. Have a look on seek.com.au they will bring up the types of welding jobs available and the wages you can expect to. Also there's a new project called the wheat stone project based in Perth WA which seems to be up and running and has good wages.


What visa are u thinking of applying for?


We we began applying for 190 but had to change to 489 due to not being able to prove 8 years work expirence due to self employment in the later years. So there is this to consider as it may limit your husband on where he can work.


Also he will need to apply for a white card to be able to work on site there but that can be done online for a small fee.


We used visa beurea and an agent to do our visa and they have been brilliant.


Kayli xxx

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Thank you for the reply Kayli!


That sounds more appealing - I think I was looking at jobs & it was looking like he would make pretty much the same there as he is here. It just worried me with the cost of living being higher in Perth.

My hubby will be applying for citizenship by decent as his mum is Australian so me & my girls will be looking into a partner visa, then after a couple of years living there, the girls can apply for their citizenship through my husband. Well that's hopefully how it'll work!


I seen on the 2015 thread that your pregnant! Congratulations! I've just had my youngest 9 weeks ago! xxx

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