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Holiday Home is it possible to stay more than 3 months at a time?

Guest Celia

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Hiya, We want a holiday home whereby we come out and maybe spend upto 6 months at a time, or maybe come over completely, we are both 65 one English and one Irish and am wondering what are our options if any to come at our age? we have no family who can sponser etc so would be reliant on our own merit, anybody have any experience of this? many thanks Celia :-)

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Hiya Ali, we normally come out on the normal holiday visa, but the stipulation is we leave every 3 months for a maximum of 12 months. Just wondering if there is any other option so we don't have to leave after 3 months, we are thinking of buying the holiday home so we could maybe stay for longer.


Are you thinking of purchasing a holiday home? What visa would you be coming out on?
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