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Eligible Postcodes for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

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Dear All,


What I'm confused about is the following links:


I checked these two links:




In the first link, it is mentioned that those who have WA SS visa 489 must work outside Perth and surrounding areas. But, in the second one, entire state of western Australia can be considered to work and live under 489 visa.


My question is, as a holder of WA 489 visa, should i live and work outside Perth? Or entire WA state is ok?


Thank you guys,

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Because they are two separate visas so different regulations apply.


A 489 ss requires to you work in a regional area for 12 months and live in a regional area for 2 years. You can not live or work in Perth. For the purpose of a 489 Perth is not regional.

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If you are sponsored by WA state to get 489 than you required to live and work in regional areas outside of Perth.

But if you are sponsored by eligible family member to get 489 than you can live and work anywhere in WA.

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