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Completing Form 40CH (child visa) help!

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Evening all,


We are filling in the 40CH form for our son's visa application.


Part B Q6 asks about citizenship/residence status in OZ. We have ticked permanent resident of Australia but it also asks for date of arrival in Australia....any ideas what we put as we are still in the UK!





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Hi i completed this form at the end of last year and I'm pretty sure I left it blank. I can however double check tomorrow and let you know for definite. The process from start to finish took 7 months and ended up pretty straight forward. If you have any questions, give me a shout. I used these sites for info and found them a great help

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Hi @elaineh33

I am an Australian PR and so is my wife. My son was born after we got PR so I am applying for his PR now. My Wife and kid is not in Australia, whereas I am. My wife is working and so am I. I recently shifted , so have only 1 or 2 Australian Payslips to show( though my job is permanent). With above background I have some Queries which i faced while filling form 40ch.

  1. Q.6. - ( asks about my Date of Arrival) . This time I have arrived just 2 weeks back , however earlier I had come to search job and had stayed for 8 weeks and prior to that last year we had come and had stayed for 2 weeks with my wife here in Australia.What date of arrival should I mention here?
  2. Q.20 :- My Address - My address on bank account/Centrelink  is the place where i stayed last time. This time I am staying in a different accommodation.( Though other accommodation is my friend's so I can receive any mails) Which address should i Give?
  3. Q.31 - My Parents receive pension in native country , they are not dependent on me. Is there any specific criterion to declare them as dependent or independent?
  4. Q.42 -  My Wife is in India , she had come earlier for first entry last year. She will come once my son gets PR - what  date of entry should i give?
  5. Q.43-"Is your partner’s current residential address different to the address you have stated at Question 20?" My answer is "Yes- Once we have our Son's PR( which we are applying via this application) , my wife and my daughter( who already have PR) will come to live with me in Australia." - Any comments?
  6. Q.48. "If you are normally dependent on your partner’s income, give details of your partner’s employment history for the last 2 years" - My wife is earning in India and I can show her income in INR - but how is it typically construed?
  7. Q.50 I already declared about my child in Q.31 , do I need to declare again in Q.50?
  8. Q.54-59 -Presently I am living in a shared apartment at an address different than the one which I was living in - when I had acquired Bank account center link etc) I just have 1 Bed room in a 4 bed room house. and I plan to move to a bigger house - when my family comes. in Q.54 to 59 - if I fill above - will that e construed negatively ? 
  9. Q.57 - I am not sharing room with any one - still Do i need to declare details of house mates( I don't know them well , have just moved in)
  10. Q.60 - "Will the child you are sponsoring be living with you in the same dwelling?" My answer is " No, As I will move to a bigger Dwelling." - Any comments?
  11. Q.62 -"What accommodation do you propose for the child you are sponsoring?"- My answer - " It will be the same ( most probably a 3 BHK) to the one where I shall move, Once my family comes"- Any comments ?

Thanks a lot in advance


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16 hours ago, AKAY said:

I am an Australian PR and so is my wife. My son was born after we got PR so I am applying for his PR now.

I may be mis-reading it, but he's a citizen already if born here to PR parents. At least, my boy is.

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Filling in the 40CH form for our daughter's visa application.

Me and My spouse both hold valid Resident Return Visa. We were in Australia from Feb 2015 till June 2018. Our daughter is born in 2020 July. Currently we are in India. 

Can someone please help suggesting what should be appropriate reply for following questions.

54 Type of dwelling

55 How many bedrooms does the dwelling have?

56 How many people live in the dwelling?

62 What accommodation do you propose for the child you are sponsoring? 

Planning to write following. 

"I will be arriving Australia to arrange 2 or 3 bedroom rented house and other required things for child. Later wife and child will travel to Australia. So, yes  it will be the same house where I shall move."

Also, I have a friend with 4 Bedroom (own apartment). What is better to write ? He has offered to stay.  Is it good to mention staying with Family Friend or better to mention arranging own accommodation. Our preference is to rent an apartment as soon as possible.




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