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Hi All,


This is my first post.


To start things off, I have over 6 years in the construction industry (mainly in civil & structural engineer drafting) with experience running my own jobs back home in Jersey. To back all this up I have multiple qualifications (2/3 of my BSc (Hons) Construction Management completed), yet I get turned away from every job I apply for due to the same reasoning "Australian Experience Essential".


How is anybody meant to gain experience in nobody is willing to open a door?


I have even tried applying for traineeship roles, telling them I don't mind taking the drop in salary, etc, explaining how they will gain out of it due to the fact they only need to teach me Australian codes. Yet I get turned away because I am, to them, "Over Qualified"!!


Its so aggravating!! I'm even applying Australia wide for jobs! Still no door opens!


Has anybody else had this problem? If so how did you get past it?


Rant Over!

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Other OH had the same problems think most people do.Some one will give you a chance.How long you been looking?

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I share your frustration!

I work as a consultant in the UK and demand a fairly high salary, booked up for months in advance

Tried applying for lesser roles in Oz, saying location was more important than salary, constant refusals, at 38 I'm also over-qualified!

I'm going to address this by buying my own business, whether its within what I know or not

I guess the answer is keep trying, keep your skills up and probably target some companies who have jobs that your skill-set can work with


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