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Lets talk senior schools

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We are potentially looking at Currambine and surrounding area - any views on schools round there?

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Ok guys, I need some help here! So many Im hearing not great things about here SOR, Im confused!!

Any views on the following Ive heard:







??Lakelands (heard good and bad)

Comet bay

Applecross (prob out of rental budget?)


bad/not good

Hamilton Hill


Atwell college

All of rockinghams - (not sure about Baldivis?)



Any views at all? Seems all coastal ones are not as good as inland ones. We have additional problem of son desperately wanting to cycle to school rather than bus. Private school is probably not out of our budget, if I can work out prices (websites arent clear - or maybe Im being special!!) but our kids are not catholic so that cuts out so many more. Am I right theres waiting lists for private!?!

So yeah basically, tell me about your schools!! Even NOR experiences, I think others will like to read opinions even though they are often different and it leads to mega confused, lack of sleep etc etc :D


just saw this thread and out of interest wondered what you ended up going with in regard to schools. ?

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