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sending large parcel from perth to uk?? any cheap shipping companies around? 50kg box

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leaving perth next month and just need to ship a few excess clothes, shoes, books etc to Liverpool.

need to find a cheap shipping company for box weighing around 50kg or 2 x 25kg.

if anyone knows any cheap shipping companies would be most appreciated ;)

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Take care with import taxes/VAT the other end. I received a parcel in the UK from my sister in Perth at Christmas and it cost me £52 in tax. What was in it??? A pair of slippers, a pair of Bondies for my husband and two bath towels! We don't have towels in the UK!!!! We shipped a load of stuff back in 2010 and had to pay import/purchase tax on all the bits we had bought in Aus including bikes we had bought in 2000!!! Just as well we are the sad sort of people that keep all our receipts! Ours may have been an isolated incident but ask yourself first 'how much do I really need/want these things?'

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Surely if you stated the box was excess luggage the UK wouldn't charge you import tax/ vat?!?


Have you tried the post office? We shipped a bag the other way. Max was 20kg so you'd probably have to split it but the post office only charged us £42.

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