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Secondary secondary teacher advice needed please!!!

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Hi all!


I have currently been teaching for 5 years in the UK and moving to Perth next September (Fingers crossed!!)


I currently teach maths to pupils aged 11-16. I know schools in Oz go up to Year 12 which is currently our A-level. However I have no experience of teaching 16-18 and I am not sure I would feel confident teaching with out some retraining.


Is it possible to apply / secure a post just teaching Year 7-10? Or am I really reducing my chances by not having this experience?


Any advice on this please or general advice on teaching in WA would be massively appreciated.



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I can't say specifically on transferring your qualifications...but...I am going to be doing my Masters in Secondary Education when I get to Aus and I know that you must take a 'major' subject, that requires a certain amount of level 3 degree work in the subject - and you can teach that subject to year 12. You then also take a 'minor' which allows you to teach the second subject to year 10.


So what I am saying is I think the schools would expect you to be able to teach your subject to year 12. You should check out the WA teaching website as each states requirements do vary and maybe speak to a uni - I'm looking at uni of WA - about whether they can offer you any modules to bring you up to speed for year 12 teaching. I would also assume that WA is as desperate as most other places for maths teachers so maybe none of what I've said will matter!

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Hi Missp


You should be ok have you looked at any schools yet?


High schools have now taken in year 7s which means there are currently surplus primary school teachers and some spaces in high schools but it is difficult to know what the situation will look like next year. As for teaching keep in mind some schools split themselves between lower 7-9 and upper 10-12. But as Monkey2645 states there will probably be an expectation for you to cover year 12 depending on staffing you'll need to check this out. From experience I do know they will support you so dont worry to much.


Not sure if you know much about WA education but jobs are advertised on here http://www.jobs.wa.gov.au


Full school directory here http://www.australianschoolsdirectory.com.au


Keep an eye out for new schools either just built or a few years old as they will be growing for example check out Joseph Banks Secondary College a new school in the northern subs they will be recruiting most of next year. Jobs tend to be advertised Sept to Dec for start of semester 1 and April to June for semester 2. Contact the school principle direct most jobs have a contact dont be shy ask, most will be looking for forward thinking staff and they love a positive attitude!


All the best

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Thank you both for your advise it really is appreciated! I haven't started to look at any schools in particular. I have however registered with a teaching agency who recruits for secondary school teachers and they have also offered the same advice :) I am going to spend the year whilst applying for the visa refreshing my knowledge on the year 12 math needed :) xx

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