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Two years on......

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Well! having been here for two years (short a month), I have decided to share my likes and dislikes. Love Perth, love the people, love the weather, love my house, love the transport system, love the activity's, love the beaches, love the golf courses. So all told, we are very happy here, and would love to stay, alas, 457 not withstanding, we are too old for PR.


Now then, Aussies can't do sausages, pies, bread, cheese, and mayonnaise. They drive like maniacs, and have no manners whatsoever. They live to earn money, so dentists are a big rip off, as are the vets, and the private health sector. The potatoes are pants, and I miss my Jersey royals for salads. The clothes are rubbish as well, still get our stuff sent over from the UK.


We loved Christmas here (twice), and loved getting out and about, looking at all the house Christmas light displays. Loved Australia day, and all it entailed. We love the wildlife, and the views from Kings park. Love the shopping centres, and the retail parks, love the ease in which you can get around the road network. Love eating out, and I mean OUT!, a pastime you can even do in the winter. Love Frangipani's, and all the native Australian plants.


The long and short, is, W.A. is a fantastic place to live, if you can get over the few 'hates'. Long may it continue.

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Good post, and can't agree with you more on the sausages, pies, cheese and bread and have to also add bacon. Oh and crisps. interesting about vets bills. We are going to get a dog in the future so fear these! And god I miss jersey royals too. I've heard kipfler potatoes are nice but not tried them myself yet.

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