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Hi can anyone tell me work work situation is for painters and decorators at the moment. I also plaster but am I understanding that plastering in aus is different than the UK.

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Hi, we moved over in March, my OH is a painter & decorator, it seems he was very lucky and landed a casual job advertised on Gumtree within 6 weeks and in July he was offered a full time permanent contract. But speaking to other casual workers and other trades you can end up working for a few dodgy people before finding a genuine employer. I believe it is quieter across all the trades and the hourly rates have dropped. As for plastering a friend who's a plasterer came over and worked for someone for a year and then went out on his own, he seems to be doing ok. But do not be under any illusion that it's a slower pace for work over here because if anything it's faster and you are expected to get a lot done in a day and get used to early mornings. Best of luck! :smile2:

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