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jo and scott

schools near tuart ridge, baldivis :-)

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hi PP !


ive been told that you have to live in the catchment area for whatever school your children go to.


we are hoping to live in tuart ridge area of baldivis, does anyone know what the high schools are in that area please,


makybe rise is the junior school my youngest will go to.


thanks !!

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Only two secondary schools at the mo. one public, Baldivis secondary school in the Rivergums estate and a private one, Tranby in the settlers estate.


another one coming, but still in the planning stages.


Personally seeing as it doesn't cost much in the big scheme of things here, I would choose private every time.


As a resident, I find the Tranby students delightful ....not so much the BSC ones, but other factors come into play I know.

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