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457 Visa - Medicare and Extras

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Hi There


I know this will have been asked before but I'm getting easily confused by the different answers who may or may not have a different visa. So here goes


My wife and I are on my 457 Visa. We have applied for and received a yellow (visitors) medicare card. What we now want to do is get extras + ambo cover so we can drop the expensive full medical insurance through iMAN.


I attempted to sign up online via HBF but they didn't seem to like my Medicare number... is it because it is a visitors card?


Any help would be most welcomed, this is the final piece of the move puzzle!!

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Hi we had this issue too. Unfortunately on a 457 you are not entitled to absolute full cover with Medicare, really just medically necessary treatment and emergencies. In the end we took out FRANK hospital cover (457 visitor cover) It's really reasonable, doesn't cover outpatient (Medicare does) but covers ambo and all hospital procedures. It's a great level of cover and only $150 per month for a couple. I think it's worth it for piece of mind. The health system here is very confusing though.

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