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Schools in Baldivis?

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Evening/Morning ALL,


I am just about to start trying to enrol my eldest into Kindergarten, now that I have picked a property to lease.

Any thoughts on primary schools and kindergartens in Baldivis?


I will be within 15 mins walk of Settlers primary.


I believe that my two nearest are Settlers primary school and Makybe primary.


Any help welcome, but I guess in the end, it may come down to availability and space.



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Hi Lauren, it goes in catchment areas here, it depends on where you live to which school they will go to unless you go private. My kids go to Settlers. They've adjusted the catchment size since my kids started as Tuart Rise opened this year so there was a bit of a shake up. If you contact the schools they will tell you if you eligible to apply. Good luck x

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