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Summer food ideas.

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It is quickly becoming summer and the hotter months are on us. So, I thought I would start a thread to ask you all your favourite summer recipies.


One of our favourites is ceviche. My wife is Peruvian and this is pretty much the national dish of Peru and her brother owns several peruvian restaurants in London such as Ceviche UK.


So, this is one of our regular summer dishes.


Finely slice a red onion and soak in water for 5 mins, then pat dry with kitchen paper and put in fridge


cut some fish into strips of bite size pieces. Here I use King fish, but in the UK sea bass.


Put it the fish in a large bowl and sprinkle with sea salt and mix together. Leave it stand for a couple of minutes.


Next make thr Tigers Milk. Juice 8 limes - look for the ones that a bit yellow as they give more juice. Add a bit of fresh ginger, a clove of garlic cut into 4 and a large chilli sliced and add half of it - keep the other half.


Pour the tigers milk over the fish. And let it "cook" the fish for 2 minutes.


Add the onions, the leaves from a few coriander sprigs.


Serve with some boiled chilled sweet potato and some crispy lettuce leaves.



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We are salad people in our family and we make salads from just about everything. One of the faves is "Pear, Rocket, Spinach, Red Onion, Blue Cheese Salad.


Fresh Rocket and Spinach leaves

Finely sliced Red Onion (not a lot)

Peeled and sliced Pear

Small pieces of Blue Cheese..... we usually use Stilton but any that is crumbly is better than the creamy varieties

Dressing can be anything you like.... our faves are balsamic vinegar/good olive oil, or Paul Newmans Classic

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2 of my favourite salads are broccoli salad, broccoli chopped into small pieces with toasted pinenuts, finely diced red onion, crispy bacon, sultanas with a dressing of mayo, sugar and white vinegar. We also like roasted beetroot, walnut and blue cheese with a balsamic vinegar dressing.


Yummo, might have to pop to the shops now.

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I think this is stolen from Jamie O but we've been making it for so long we've adjusted it to our liking. Peaches are in season at the moment too and there are some lovely big ones kicking around our manor too. Equally good with the lighter, tarter white flesh variety too.


Grilled peach and mozzarella salad. (for 4ish)


Three firm, plump peaches cut into 6 wedges

A good wadge of fresh rosemary

Generous slug of olive oil


Peppery salad leaves - rocket etc

Buffalo mozzarella (three big balls)

Nasturtium flowers if you have them growing in the garden



Turn your BBQ up as high as it will go to get it scorching hot.


Add a decent slug of olive oil to a large bowl.

Smash your rosemary in a pestle and mortar then add it to the oil

Add a good grind of pepper and a sprinkle of course salt - Maldon sea salt or Murray River pink is good

Toss your peaches through the mixture and leave them covered with a towel at room temp for a good 30 minutes. I've left them out for a day - prepped in the morning and eaten in the evening and the flavour was super so I don't think it really matters.


Once marinated tip the whole lot onto your BBQ and close the lid. Obviously the oil will flare up so if you have no lid then carefully place the peaches onto the griddle. You want them charred but not covered in soot.

Turn them a few times and then return them to the bowl to rest.


Sprinkle your salad leaves on a large plate. Once cooled add your charred peaches so they nestle into the green leafage.

Tear the mozzarella and scatter over and do the same with a few of the flowers.

A final drizzle of good olive oil and enjoy

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