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Uk Nurse and Arranging a health examination for 457 Visa

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Hi all.


I have been nominated for a 457 visa by a Perth hospital. I am a registered nurse.


I have applied for my visa through the Immigration Department website (IMMI account) and received an email asking for 4 further details


Two are straight forward:


!. I need to provide a certified copy of my passport- done

2. Evidence of registratio/ Licensing. I have a letter from AHPRA done


The third I can work out from all the previous threads on here:

3. I need to provide evidence of adequate health insurance :wink:


The 4th though is the head scratcher


4. I need to undergo a health examinations for my visa. The website is saying that the panel of physicians are based in London- did people from the UK need to go to London to complete their medical? Living in Scotland this will be a bit of a pain!


Also how much did this cost? I have all the stuff from my own GP/ Occupational Health saying I have been immunised against TB, The various strains of hepatitis, Polio, MMR, chicken pox, that I have been immunised against TB as a kid, that I don't have HIV etc. i take it that can't be used?


Any responses are greatly welcomed. The email says I have 28 days to provide them with the information. :mad:



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There are usually panel doctors around the country. We migrated a long time ago so my info is dated. Normally you wouldn't need a medical for the temporary visa but you do if working in health care


Here's a link to the panel Drs. https://www.border.gov.au/Lega/Lega/Help/Location/united-kingdom I don't know where you live, perhaps they think London is your nearest location.

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Thanks for the reply


It seems that you are correct and that their are doctors in Edinburgh who are closest to me.



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