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Can any Refrigeration and air conditioning engineers help? .

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I've just sent all my evidence off to vetasses and am awaiting a reply. Has any body on here sat the skills assessment for a fridge engineer recently as the only comments i can find are from around 3 years ago and it was done in London.? From what i can gather its a bit like the FGAS course with a bit of fault finding thrown in.

I've been in the trade since i left school back in 1995 so have a few years experience behind me. Also i have been told that i will have to do some sort of gap training for my arc tick license and this will involve an electrical assessment. I am fairly competent with fault finding but im far from an electrician. should i be brushing up on ohms law etc?

also any guidelines on expected salaries

any help or advice appreciated.

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I did mine 1 year ago. You will have to take readings on a running system. Super hest sub cooling etc. You then have to reclaim the system vac it and recharge and retake readings. You then have to make up a bit of pipework and braze and flare. In the afternoon you have to wire a plug and a 415v plug you then have to electrical fault find a few different units. You will need to be able to take the readings on a single phase compressor and identify which is the common run and start. You will also need to megga out some systems. If you have level 3 city and guilds it will be easier when your over here. Otherwise you need to do a simular assessment over here. The electrical takes a bit of time. 10 online quiz and then a written assessment and then a practical. Takes 3-6 months if working. You will be on a training assistant money so make sure you have money to spare.

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