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    I am a fully qualified UK electrician looking for work in Perth. I have experience in domestic and commercial but mostly industrial fields of work.


    qualifications - NVQ Level 3

    17th Edition


    Inspection and Testing


    just looking for any information/advice about moving to Perth and being an electrician.


    any information will be appreciated !! Thanks.

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    Do you have a visa yet? If not, that is the thing to concentrate on.


    Electrician an is on the SOL list of occupations, so getting one may be possible if you can meet all the criteria such as points - you need 60 and get them for a mix of things such as age, qualifications. At this point, many people find they need to increase their points by taking English exams.


    You would need to check you can pass the skills assessment. This is a process that looks at your qualifications and experience. It varies by occupation but normally includes having an appropriate qualifacation and two to three years post qualifacation experience.


    then there are medicals and police checks.

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