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Empty property whilst selling - advice please

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Hi everyone

Our uk house is about to go up for sale and the tenants are moving out. So, I need to sort empty home insurance and looking online it looks like slim pickings for choice! I'm with tower gate for our rental insurance and could ask them for a quote but looking online their rules look strict (over the top) and excesses high. Has anyone any recommendations? I've heard Adrian flux may be the best option?

I also need to sort putting the water rates, gas, electricity and council tax back into our names, oh what fun.


hoping for a quick sale :) !


thanks as always for any tips

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Hi Cia and tower do vacant property insurance there are 3 levels of cover. You have to provide an alternate post code eg relative or good friend. You get,6 months free council tax after that a 50% reduction as property empty. Other utilise can be emailed to you for payment.

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