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ACCA Exams in Perth

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Hi All,


I started my ACCA studies in the UK and now we are abit more settled here in Aus I would like to take them up again.


I have made enquires and I am aware that Perth does not offer any tuition and the exam centre is classed as a "Special Exam Centre" which means there will be more fees ontop of my exam fee to pay for the cente and invigilator, has any sat an ACCA exam in perth and roughly how much was the extra fee?


My only other option would be to fly to the east coast to sit the exam, so I need to weigh up which is the cheapest.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Katie, 

Hope you are doing great. I see that you had enquired about special exam centre for ACCA in Perth in 2016. 

I've started my ACCA studies in India. We are currently on Perth on a 482 Visa. I have two more papers to go, and have the same questions about the special exam centre pricing. 

Please help regarding this. 

Best Regards,


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