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    Hi guys,


    im looking for info on engineering graduateships in Perth. Mainly do they work similar to UK with a couple of years on rotation placements etc. Also what is the average graduate salary. I know this info is very hard to find in the UK too but I'm just looking for an indication. I will be graduating in 2017 with MEng in Mechanical engineering. I am a mature student(34) on track for a high first class degree having spent 12 years in the RAF as an aircraft technician. Is there as much emphasis placed on level achieved as in UK etc.


    Thanks in anticipation



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    My Husband may be able to help you with this Steve. He is a consultant fire engineer but has contacts with all major companies like Arup, Aecom, Buro Happold. He was also in the RAF. Send me an email and I'll forward it to him (he's not on this page) He'd be more than happy to meet up for a beer and chat about career options.

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