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4 month update (third of a year is substantial right?)

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So it's been four months since we left Heathrow on a cold and wet day. I have to say we haven't really looked back. I know it is early days but we are all feeling pretty settled, we as myself, wife and three children. Children are all happy in school/playgroup, have their own hobbies through various clubs and have made loads of new friends. Therefore I have once again become a taxis driver for my children but wouldn't have it any other way. The children are picking up an Aussie twang and I presume that'll only get worse! I am fortunate enough to be working full time and am very happy where I am. My wife has started a college course and we are on the whole busy getting on with our daily lives. Slowly but surely we are building friendships and networks.


The bureaucracy has really surprised me, signing up for so many things and seeming to double up with different registrations. But in reality that is all now done, so most of it won't require much more attention. We haven't found things particularly expensive to buy, but would agree that cars and food are more expensive. I believe the best things are free, beaches, BBQ and parking!


What I would say is we have lived here during the summer so far. I'm not sure if my opinions on WA will change dramatically when winter sets in but I feel incredibly happy to call this home as it stands. We have witnessed a family that had to go home as they were on a 457 visa and that was incredibly sad, we have also seen another family head back but they have returned within 4 months! Myself and my wife went for a meal last week and we couldn't think of anything we missed besides family and friends. I would like a recommendation for a good pint of Guinness if there is one in the Mandurah area though?!


So far so good, bring on the next four months!

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