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Facing prospect of returning to UK, two questions one on Pets and one on containers.

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Ok long story short, might have to go back to UK. I have two pet cockatoos that I will need to take back, does anyone know what sort of money that would entail and also how long they have to stay in UK quarantine?

Next question, I have some stuff not loads, im thinking half a 20 foot container would do. Any idea if you can ship a half container or costs involved??

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For the birds, I would contact Dogtainers. Not sure if they do birds, but they are very helpful and will be able to advise who does. I don't know about quarantine, but I know dogs no longer need to do it - we just shipped ours from Oz.


All of the big shipping companies will do a half container. However, it can take a lot longer to ship. Another option would be a large Move Cube

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