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Jobs - is this right ?

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Just putting this out there ….. My wife works as a nurse an I'm enjoying time with our 3yr old untill she starts school etc and we are ,managing fine and the family time is superb !


Anyhow , i was reading ( cannot remember where ) that employers for certain jobs are taking on only Australian citizens - no visa's … not even permanent ?


Also my mower man ( only use mower man as i cant afford a lawnmower ) was saying the same , as times pretty damn tough - so this is what is happening ?


Just wondering if anyone else has experienced or heard this ? I know times are hard as ive been volunteering with a homeless project in freo ….. But yep just putting this out here !


Hey , also its spring !!!!!!! YES!!!

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It has ALWAYS been my experience within construction, both onshore and offshore, (and I am sure not to be alone in this) that Australian employers will employ Australians first. And this is regardless of their ability to do the job. Back in the UK this would be called racism by some. Here it is not discussed but is an accepted behaviour.


Now I do not necessarily disagree with the sentiment. But would be interested, if the same rules were being obviously applied by UK management run businesses in Australia, how loud the screams would be? But of course we would be whinging Poms if we complain.


Just a thought. Thats all.

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i spotted it on anoher facebook thread - and im sure it was regarding warehouse works etc …. But worrying . I supose this is why its best to try and get your face noticed a little.

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