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Just a week ago, discovered sinkhole in front yard. So far lot of time wasted but have not found the source of the problem.

Hired an Engineer but his report is pretty useless that only deals with half of the issue.

So far have not found anyone who has experience and knows how to go about it.

Called plumber but still nothing conclusive, contact soak well people still not very clear except that he says it is not the soakwell.

Which is good news but what made the sand vanish? I know we had heavy rainfall but it has to be more than that for ground to just open like that.

Lot of sand erosion has caused a void effecting part of the driveway and front brick wall.

So far I understand that wall footing may have to be secured and ground filled and compacted but where is the leak? which pipe may have burst?

Water meter seem to be running fine that indicates no leak. Any ideas, suggestions? Know any professional who can help without

costing arm and leg?


I would be so grateful for your input, thanks in advance.

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What area do you live in?


It may be worthwhile getting a ground survey, geo tech report done. There are quite a few companies in WA who do this, can get expensive but it may be worth it, you may have another hole you may not be aware of.

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Gosh that sounds awful! Which area are you in? Have you considered contacting the council for advice? They should have plans that show what underground pipes etc there are in your street and that might give you an idea of what it is. Keep us updated Shaz....

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Hello everyone, sorry that I have not been able to keep up with the post. The issue of sinkhole has consumed my life. Naming the area or shire is bit difficult at the moment, I had a very bad experience with Shire but will

in time.. For a while I was going around in circles. No one seemed to have any answers. It started in August and only now there is some hope of resolve. Finally shire has come on board so lets see if it does get resolved for good.

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