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Bad Experience with Removalist

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We had a bad experience with our removalist. Disaster - took 13 weeks and that was after lots of chasing- our stuff sat form weeks in a warehouse

When it did arrive many items were damaged. Boxes crushed

Delivery was joke - arrived Fri afternoon and the blokes were literally throwing boxes from one to another as they loaded our stuff to a smaller van.

God knows how many they dropped

Then to cap it all - so desparate were they to finish they damaged stuff opening the packaging

FINALLY the defaulted on the insurance saying we had packed some of the boxes - crap - nothing about crushed boxes due to careless handling or storage


If you want to know the removalist - send me a PM



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Sounds dreadful service have you no comeback? Without naming them as we're not allowed, are they a big well known company? Were they recommended?

Id write a letter demanding compensation and outlining all the broken items and that you are prepared to take court action and see what they say.

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