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Wanted furniture, kitchen appliances , everything!

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Hi all, my family and I arrive next week and will need to buy items for our rental to get by until our container arrives - which could be months. Any one selling anything please let me know .meanwhile gumtree, ebay searching Excited and shattered in the lead up, looking forward to sitting non a long flight to catch up on sleep ;-)

Thanks Deb

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Hi Debra another thing you can do is go to Kmart and Big W, they are cheap stores.-you can buy an electric kettle for $12, etc-Saves the worry of second hand electrical goods. They both have websites so you can gauge, if its right for you!

Ive been to swap meets (car boot sales)where people ask for more than a new product is worth.

there is also a facebook site called 'pay it forward'- my wife has cleared out lots of cupboards by giving it away. That could help get you started while your waiting.


have you got fully furnished accom when you arrive?-going into an empty rental and waiting indefinitely for your container can wear a bit thin after a while?


good luck

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K Mart and Big W are your best friends when you first arrive!! And Fantastic Furniture do virtually whole house furniture package for $2000!! Youll wonder why you bothered to bring anything from the UK!!

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