Storage ? Shipping furniture and storage required.

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    Hello :) myself and my family are still living in the Middle East.

    We plan to move over in the next 12 to 18 months.

    We are currently living in an expat compound and the contract on our housing is due to end in

    April. We will then be housed in a furnished compound . To save moving again

    I would like to send my bulky items over sofa, bed frame, tv cabinet and a wardrobe.

    I will therefore have some home comforts for when me and the family finally arrive. Can anyone recommend

    a storage company, give an estimate regarding monthly costs for this?


    Thank you

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    Not sure which country you are there but when we left the UAE sold all our furniture. Unless is something very expensive and you really really want to keep. It's such a high turn over of expats coming to live there all the time and easy to sell.

    The amount you pay on shipping, insurance and storage might exceed the value of your items. It might be cheaper to buy new ones here. Also you never know what happens in the meantime, you might change your mind, get a better offer, move somewhere else... Just a thought!

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    We had a stuff shipped from uk. £4500 shipping cost (included packing and insurance). Once in Oz it was $450 to release from customs & then because our property wasnt ready we had to put it into storage (chess was name of Oz company). It cost $330 for load/unload & admin into storage then $66 a week. My insurance from uk covered me for 90 days so didn't need any more.

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