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House being packed up around us!

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Today is the day we've been waiting for - apart from the day we fly! The removals van was here at 7.30 and they've packed up all of downstairs already. I'm out of the way on our mattress on our bedroom floor! I have been keeping the men in tea and biscuits and the last time I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on I looked at all the boxes stacked up with our names on the stickers saying they were going to Perth, Australia. I will admit that I had a little moment and had to take a few deep breaths! Container is coming at 7 tomorrow, I think that might get emotional! We're nearly on our way!!:arghh:


BTW Using PSS, very impressed with their efficiency, knowledge and organisaton so far.

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This post was a little poignant to me as 10 years ago today we actually set off for our Adventure. We'd had the packers in on the 3rd and 4th and been cleaning the house on the 5th, I remember my daughter and I sitting on the stairs of an empty house and having a little cry - but the house did feel like an empty shell and my 11 year old wise one commented that "home is where the 4 of us are together".


Safe travels xxx

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Ah Ali, we all had a family emotional moment when we left to take the girls to their nan and grandads to sleep tonight so they don't get woken up too early tomorrow. Both girls wanted a photo taken in their empty bedrooms and cried at the thought of never sleeping here again. I am largely ok at the moment, I haven't shed 1 tear yet, I truly think I will lbe ok until the plane takes off, I've warned hubby I'm expecting to be a watery mess for at least the first hour!!


We're laughing at the moment though because somewhere in the boxes for the container are :

A library book due back on Saturday

A bought copy of the same library book for the journey and first few weeks cos I knew I wouldn't get time to read it before it was due back

All the instruction manuals for the appliances we are leaving, and the central heating system!!:confused:


We were annoyed with ourselves at first but now think its funny! At least we have our passports (keep checking!) and house keys to give to the estate agent on Monday.

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