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looking for engineering experience. Reward in return

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Hello, I am 4th year engineering student desperately looking for engineering experience to graduate. To convince my teacher, I need a qualified engineer who can show me the engineering work environment and be my reference. I am really appreciate if who can help me out, generous reward will be given to the reliable person. Thank you

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Does your Uni not have access to companies that they usually place students? Does your Uni have a FB page that you can ask for contacts?

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I too am due to graduate as an engineer in the UK this may and looking for graduate opportunities in Perth, My research so far has pointed out two opportunities:

1) apply for graduate engineer positions as advertised on sites such as seek.com or grad connection

2) apply for junior engineering positions even if they don't mention about recent graduates as some companies will take a graduate on but not necessarily offer an established graduate program towards charter-ship (usually the smaller companies)


Remember that graduate ships are generally available only during the first two years of graduating and there is a lot of competition for such roles as Australia turns out its own fair share of graduates.

The economy only really took its main down turn in perth in the last two years and as such we are still seeking large number s of graduates who started their education in the two years before the mining downturn, as such there is a tendency for supply to outstrip demand.


It is not normal to require work experience with a mentor to complete an academic engineering qualification so I'm unsure what your requirements are but if i can help i will after all as engineers we are problem solvers thats just what we do.

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