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Anyone recently brought their car over from the UK?

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Hello all.


I'm returning to Perth after leaving a couple of years ago, having spent quite a few years living there {yes, another ping pong Pom!**. I'm bringing back my car {it's worth it due to age/make/model** and would be really grateful if anyone who has recently done the same, could offer any advice/tips on their experience. In particular:


I've done plenty of research and having spent a few years in WA, I know nothing gets done quickly or cheaply when it comes to the gov't. However, I'm interested to hear how quickly customs clear your car and were you able to get fully comprehensive insurance to drive it from Freo to the pits in Welshpool. I know the 48hr temp movement permit provides 3rd party injury cover only. I've spoken to a few insurance companies and they won't provide insurance until it's been over the pits and plates issued. Problem is, you can't do this until the car's been cleared by the pits! I'm reluctant to drive the car with only 3rd party cover {WA drivers...**.


Once the car's been cleared by the pits, how long did it take for you to be issued with plates?


Many thanks.


PS. If anyone has a cheap run-around {$500-$800** with rego that they're looking to sell in the next couple of months, plse PM me.

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I did it a few years back, it took 2-3 weeks to get it once the ship docked, PSS blamed the delay on the slow unloading of the ship, the local agent, customs paperwork & the dreaded AQIS, I insured mine the day I collected it from the yard, through SGIO I think, but if they wont do it the Shannons will, I am with them now, be carefull with most of the mainstream insurance companies, they wont insure a personal import, and if you dont declare it, you may as well not be insured, the first thing the insurance assessor looks for is the ADR plate in the event of a claim, no plate, no claim, as a personal import you will have an ADR Compliance sticker, it will take you another two weeks to get it on the road once you get hold of it, the delay is with the dreaded sticker, you need to go over the pits and let it fail because you dont have the sticker, then you get your fail paperwork and together with your import permit apply to Niddrie for your sticker, they dont rush themselves, once you have your sticker, take it back over the pits, make sure your speedo reads KM and you have rear seat Isofix child seat anchors

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