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HELP! Parent visa advice needed

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Hi there,

i arrived in Perth on 9th January, 2015 with a Contributary Parent Visa 173. As I wasn't sure if I'd like it here, I thought I'd best not fork out $40,000 as it would take half my pension lump sum. So, with the 173 visa, which lasted 2 years & cost $24,000, I'd have time to decide. I was told that after 2 years I could then pay the remaining $16,000. Before you kind people ask why not apply for the free visa for aged parents, I approached them about it & was told that would be fine, but there was currently a 20 year waiting list.

Now to the crux of the matter, which is ive looked at the fees online, & it states its $19,000!! Is there any way I can address this with them, or even change boats mid-stream & apply for a cheaper parent visa?



Thanks for your precious time..........

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Hi Alphagirl.


Unfortunately whoever told you that you simply pay the balance if you adopt the 2 step strategy didn't understand that the overall cost of applying via a 2 step strategy is more than applying for the permanent CPV from the outset.


If you are "aged" (as defined - over 65 currently) you might look at a subclass 804 Aged Parent visa. Which isn't free, I hasten to add.


Best regards.

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Hi Alan,


Thank you so much for that very useful piece of information. I shall now look at the website, to see the price comparison between an 804 & a 143. Sadly, I have a nasty feeling that as I have the 173, I shall have to follow through with the 143.


Thanks again Alan!

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