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Break Lease

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We will be breaking lease in the next 8 -12 weeks, (we have built our house) we are currently living in a 4 bed 2 bath in the Eden Beach Suburb. Anyone who has been here knows it is lovely and 2 great parks and the beach on your doorstep. They are also making Marmion Ave 2 lane so will speed up travel and Butler station is a 5 min drive. Its a great house with great neighbors either side. We are sad that we are moving but also excited about owning our own house again. The landlord is really nice and it is run though Peard agency.

The house will be advertised soon but wanted to put it on here, the area is great and we have really felt at home and settled in really well living here.


If you have a dog they have a great oval here that dog owners meet up for a chat and the dogs run around playing while you can watch the kids at the park. They have outdoor movie nights down at the park near the beach and a farmers market every Saturday, all within walking distance.


Message me if you want any other information.

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