4 bed 2 bath in Kinross available

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    Hi all,


    So, sadly we have to return to the UK which means breaking our lease... just posting details here in case anyone is interested!

    It's a beautiful 4x2 in Kinross within walking distance of Currambine station, childcare centre and the IGA shops.

    Nice neutral tones and miles better (sorry km's better) than any of the other houses we viewed!

    Plus, the property is managed directly by the owners who are (IMO) more helpful than most letting agents. $410 pw.

    If anyone would like further details, pics or to pop round and have a look, please PM me. :-)


    Thanks for looking!

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    Sorry to hear you are having to leave us Mazey.... best wishes for finding someone to take on your lease and for your future endeavours.

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