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Registering car personally imported again after 5 years interstate - stamp duty?

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Imported car 5 years ago from UK to Oz under the personal import scheme PIS. On original registration I had to pay import duties, gst and then registration fees at time of registration but stamp duty was $0. I assumed this due to the fact that as part of the PIS you had to have proved you had owned the vehicle for at least 12 months prior to import and hence stamp duty was not payable. Stamp duty being payable on purchase or transfer of vehicle into a new name.


However, just moved interstate and the NSW registration service say I have to pay stamp duty (3 percent of 'value' of car) as the original registration docs in Australia say that the stamp duty charged was $0. This seems very odd. I can't find anything anywhere on the internet of anyone having to pay this, or even anything saying this is explicitly due. Does anyone have any experience of this situation? Did you have to pay stamp duty when re-registering car in a new state but no transfer of name/owner?


Thank you!

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