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    Hi PP's, 

    I just wanted to clarify something. Does anyone know if the shipping charges have gone up? 

    I sent over 69 cubit feet a few months ago and I got charged around £300. This time I am shipping over 44 cubic feet and being charged £439. 

    Are reloUK trying their luck or have the shipping charges really gone up that much as described to me by my relocation specialist?

    Many thanks

    Kai & Taryn  

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    Hi Kai / Taryn

    I spoke to Liam at PSS who we deal with quite a lot on the forums. He said Freight rates have slightly gone up marginally, a lot is to do with currency - as sea freight would consist of 3 currencies, freight and fuel or bunker would be based on US dollar, origin freight rates would be in £ and destination port fees etc would be in Australian dollars. The rate the customer has received is roughly what the industry would quote. We would come in a few pounds cheaper.

    So it sounds about right what you've been quoted.

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