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Private schools close to Rockingham

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Hi everyone 

We are moving to Perth in October and plan to live in Secret Harbour or Rockingham as I have a job in Baldivis. I'm looking for good private schools around the area.  The 3 that come highly recommended (Island, All saints and Hale) are a good 40/50 minutes drive one way thus totally unworkable. Does anyone have any kids attending private schools in the Rockingham area? Thanks 


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Hi, you dont say how old your kids are so assuming that they are in secondary school, because the state schools for primary seem to be good it only seems to tail off for secondary I'll tell you what i know.

In Baldivis you have Tranby College, I have a friend whose two kids went there and are very happy with it, then a little further South, Mandurah way you have Fredrick Irwin, Mandurah Baptist and Mandurah Catholic College, at Warnbro (i think it Warnbro) you have the Lutheran Living Water School. All of these are private.

In secret Harbour you have Comet Bay which is a state school but supposed to be pretty good.

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There's also Peter Carnley (Wellard), John Calvin (Baldivis - Primary only) and Mother Teresa (Baldivis); Mother Teresa are K-Year 6 at the moment but adding a year until they're K12.

Can't comment on any of them as my daughter goes to Baldivis SC, they're not on any performance tables at the moment as the current Y12 is the first but they seem to have a better rep than any of the other Public schools (BSC is an Independent Public School)

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I don't know too much about schools in that area, but I do have friends in Port Kennedy and their children go to Frederick Irwin as they weren't impressed with any of the state schools in the area.

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Lots of kids in Secret Harbour (my suburb) are at private schools. Are you looking at senior or primary? I'll give you a bit of info on the ones most of the kids go to. Feel free to ask for more!


Frederick Irwin Anglican School (Meadow Springs) - kindy to Yr12, outstanding school - my 3 kids go there. Academic, musical, good drama Dept, fantastic academic results, awesome heads, strict but kids know the boundaries


Kolbe Catholic (Rockingham) - Yr7-Yr12. kids feed in from surrounding catholic primaries like St Bernadette's in Port Kennedy, Star of the Sea on Rockingham etc - another outstanding school. I've heard nothing but good reports but priority given to Catholics, fantastic academic results


Mandurah Catholic College MCC (Greenfields, Mandurah) Yr7-12, lots of kids go here from Yr7, big on sport and lots of ATAR options,

Kids feed in from surrounding Catholic primaries, again priority given to Catholics


Tranby College (Baldivis) - kindy to Yr12 - Excellent school, Apple school, fees are higher but includes all stationary etc. have friends kids here and are very happy


Mandurah Baptist College (Lakelands) - good school, I've heard a few mixed reports of kids leaving but then heard not all happy where they moved to. Other friends have recently moved their kids there from Comet Bay Senior and they love MBC


There's a new school opened in Baldivis, a catholic school which is going from kindy to eventually Yr12. Mother Teresa . Worth a look!


Living Waters Lutheran College (Warnbro) kindy to Yr12 - smaller school, lots leave after primary, nephew goes there and is happy at the school, smaller, nurturing, Maybe good for some kids but limited when coming to take options in yr 10. Their primary in Halls Head has just been purchased by Frederick Irwin so they seem to be struggling


South coast Baptist (Waikiki) - soccer

Scholarships, friends kids there are

Happy but that seems the main draw.


There are direct Transperth school buses to Frederick Irwin from Secrets, and the kids can also get a bus to MCC, MBC and Kolbe. transperth buses are only $0.60 per journey for kids with a Smartrider. Tranby has a private bus from Secrets as does Peter Carnley.


If it were my choice I'd be looking at Frederick Irwin, Kolbe and MCC first


I hope that helps


EDIT: just realised you may already be here so you'll have to let us know what you decided! Or give me a shout if you want to chat over coffee


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