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Chelsea G

TRBWA-further evidence required for registration

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Hi everybody

 Apologies if this topic has already been covered and answered!

I have lived in Perth for 4 years and after 4 years of working in senior management, saving for my wedding and building a house I am now in the process of obtaining my non-practicing teaching registration.

I had gathered and submitted everything that they needed to process the application 3 weeks ago, bar, a police clearance less than 12 months old from the UK (this I have applied for). Or so I thought…

I did a 3 year BA (Hons) which I graduated from in 2007 and then in 2010 (after a period of working and saving to do the course) I began my Post Graduate Diploma in Education at The University of Bolton which I completed in July 2011.  My course only provided me with 30 days SUPERVISED TEACHING (as in I was only observed in the classroom by my mentor, 30 times and it was at the end of the course signed off on and the rest of the teaching practice (7 months, 4 days per week, full-time teaching) was carried out non-supervised and therefore I can only evidence 30 days which is UNDER the minimum requirement of 45 days in Australia. I joined New Directions Education Agency in summer 2011 and stayed with them until I left the UK to move to Perth in Oct 2013. 

I have obtained a reference from New Directions Education Agency (my employer) and it lists my schools of which I worked within, the exact dates to and from on a letter headed document (as requested) and this is now deemed not enough evidence to support my application despite it saying I worked for them as a relief teacher and the dates.

They now want me to contact every secondary school I worked for (as far back as 2011 and in some cases some schools I worked in for a little as a day) and ask them to provide evidence of my work and evidence of the SUBJECTS I taught in the school itself. Once again, let my reiterate that I have got evidence of the schools and the exact dates I worked for them from my employer. This evidence taken me 4 weeks to obtain from New Directions due to me leaving them 4 years ago and the work was carried out in some cases nearly 6 years ago.  

I have contacted every school I have worked for as recommended by the TRBWA in the hope that they have some sort of record but I am not holding out for any responses and if they do respond I am most certainly not holding out for any record of my subjects I taught as a relief teacher.

I am wondering firstly…

Are these types of records from schools, something schools keep? Does the evidence from the employer (teaching agency) seem sufficient as it lists the schools themselves and the dates? Is there perhaps any other method of obtaining information?

Secondly has anybody else found themselves in a similar/ or the same issue?

I am finding this process difficult to conquer as I can’t/finding it difficult to evidence what they need further to support what I have already evidenced.

Any help/guidance/clarity of shared experiences would be greatly appreciated…as will words of sympathy!

Thank you


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Hi Chelsea,

I can't answer you're question specifically - but hope someone can be able to assist.  I wonder if the problem is because your practise was 4 years ago and not recent why they require further evidence.  What visa were you on last time?

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Hi Ali 

I have been on PR with my husband since I have lived here. Never been on any other VISA. 

My practice was during 2010-2011 so it is more than 4 years old. 

I hope somebody will be able to help me. Thanks for you reply. 

Chelsea :o) 

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I had to get more evidence linked to my 4 year degree that I completed in 2000! I had a nightmare especually as my uni does not exist anymore! Luckily I managed to get hold of paper work from the uni they combined with and a total of about 145pages of evidence was submitted to get my non-practising registration. I was teaching full time until we left uk last nov. 

I'm not sure if schools keep records for more than 5 years.

I'm still on the hunt for a teaching post - i just want to be back in the classroom (primary in my case)


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