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Which Items can I ship / not ship?

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We are getting ready for our move next month. I have some items I am not sure if we can take in the shipping container. Any tips?

- Bed Linen and pillows. We only use down filled duvets and pillows. Is this allowed?

- BBQ. I have a weber charcoal smoker. Is a simple Jays Fluid treatment enough to get it through?

- Wooden items - furniture, picture frames. What should I be looking for to know if it is a problem?

- Food containers / cooking equipment. Apart from being clean, are there any restrictions?

- DIY tools. (sander, drill, saw)  Is a simple Jays Fluid treatment enough to get it through?


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I can't see the bedding being a problem. I've just realised we brought feather filled cushions and didn't give it a second thought!

BBQ and tools should be OK if sqeaky clean and stinking of cleaning fluid! No charcoal or fuel though.

We brought all our kitchen equipment, just declared the rolling pin on the wooden items declaration list from the shipping company, no restrictions.

All treated wood is fine, we brought cane furniture, wicker table and picnic basket, just gave them a thick coat of varnish so it was obvious it was treated. All other wooden furniture, ornaments and photo frames were fine. The only thing we couldn't bring was my framed pressed wedding bouquet as the dried flowers inside wouldn't have been treated.

The shipping company we used seemed fairly knowledgeable re what we could \ couldn't bring. Our tumbler hose was a strange thing we had to leave behind because of the fluff inside which we hadn't realised so didn't clean it. We then had to get a replacement shipped from the UK! Also, if your hoover comes apart, give it a rinse as that will have dust and dirt in it. We put ours through the dishwasher!

Our container came through customs no problem, just make sure everything is clean and treated.


Jen x


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Jen78, I'm a new member and found your advice about varnishing cane and wicker really interesting! Thank you. What varnish did you use?

I've been quoted over £1000 to have various pieces of wicker and cane furniture, a vintage teddy and rocking horse and a driftwood cupboard fumigated in the UK. I think it's excessive so if it's ok to varnish the wood and wicker then I will, but what about the toys? They are filled with straw and date back to 1960....

Thank you.

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