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My name is Jo.  We are looking at moving to Perth beginning of September, October the lastest.  I have 2 young boys 5 and 9, so will be looking to move to an area with good schools.   We are looking to move to either Mandurah area - Halls Head, Dawesville and even looked at Secret Harbour or Joondalup area - Jindalee, Currambine.  Anyone tell me preferences to areas, which schools are good in either ares. My husband is a qualified CCNA/CCNP Network engineer and will be looking to secure work.  Can anyone tell me how hard it is to secure work in this area in Perth and am I right in thinking it is harder to secure work December/January time?


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Hi and welcome to the forum. 

I am guessing you already have your visas?

The Mandurah area is wonderful and we lived in Dawesville for eight years and really liked it. 

Work though is the issue. Are you aware that WA is in a major economic slowdown and work can be hard to find. 

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Hi Jo,

Can't really speak to those areas to live in.  My cousin lives in Greenwood (about 10 minutes before Joondalup) and they really like it, a bit too suburbia for my taste.  It depends on what you want in area, how far out you want to be and what your budget is.  I wouldn't lock into an area until you are on the ground.  The rule of thumb I was told was North of the river and West of the freeway are the nicer areas although there are exceptions (eg I love Freo, and I like were I live which is just east of the freeway in Mount Hawthorn).  Most places on the coast or the river are generally pretty nice IMO.

As VeryStormy has said, Perth is really struggling at the moment on the work front.  It is a very competitive market across all sectors, I know of several professionals who have been out of work for quite a while 6 - 12 months  (Finance managers, IT project managers etc), many people moving over east.  Where there is work, rates have dropped significantly (by up to 50%).  eg  Recruiters are telling me that seasoned CFOs who used to earn $300k+ are now in the market at $150k and there is a knock on effect.  there are some green shoots in the economy but it is very slow.

Perth is very much a who you know town.  It can be quite cliquey on the work front.

IMO, you would want to be able to support yourselves (with savings) for a year if you are going to make the move.  Also, your husband should start reaching out now to recruiters in his field and also try contacting similarly qualified people on Linked In to get an accurate picture from the ground.  I found expats more willing to network and give you the benefit of their experience.

Most roles will be advertised on seek.com.au or Linked In.  Applydirect.com.au can be goof for government roles

There is not a big IT industry here.  The main industries are in Resouces, Healthcare, goverment and Education.

Don't mean to rain on your parade but that's just the reality at the moment.  More forewarned is forearmed.

The silver lining is that property has dropped in price both to rent and buy.  It is very much a renter's market so you should have your pick.

Good luck

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